How To Use Feeld App To Find Threesomes

Feeld is the leading dating site and thressome finder app

Feeld: one of the best naughty dating sites to find threesomes online. If your real goal is to quickly find a threesome then you will not be disappointed with Feeld. If it appears in this comparison best threesome dating site, it is because it is really reliable. Continue reading “How To Use Feeld App To Find Threesomes”

Feeld : The Tinder for Couples Looking for Threesomes

Feeld is the Tinder for threesomes and couples

We follow this comparison with Feeld the Tinder for couples. The best asset that allows this site to be included in this comparison best threesome dating site is probably its geolocation system.

Local meetings as the name suggests, can find plans nearby. If you really want to live new experiences and taste the threesome, the fastest way would be to register for free local dating, one of the best platforms for short-lived adventures, including threesomes. Continue reading “Feeld : The Tinder for Couples Looking for Threesomes”

How Discreet is Feeld : Stay Hidden on Threesome Dating Apps

How to stay hidden on Feeld app

The moderation team works continuously to ensure that your data and privacy stay private, and to protect your identity if you want to keep it private and unknown to people that you may know, Feeld offers tools to keep your online dating activities secret and shown only to you and to ensure that members comply with the TOS. It is important to know that if you do not comply with the Terms of Use of the site, you run the risk of being quarantined or deleted from the dating platform. Continue reading “How Discreet is Feeld : Stay Hidden on Threesome Dating Apps”

12 tips for a successful threesome

The art of the threesome is an art more complicated and delicate than it seems. Ready to jump? Here are 12 tips to accompany you in this intrepid carnal enterprise …

1 Trust and delicacy

Whether you are a couple or the patch of this naughty initiative, the success of an occasional and horizontal three-man household depends almost entirely on the casting and the trust that is given to each to make things go well. . Already, as a couple, you need a person who really likes both (regardless of gender) and whose character will adapt to you and the situation. Someone who understands his role adjoining, sort of hyphen between two people and will have the delicacy, sometimes not to impose too much. In patch: check that the two partners really want to, and not that one of them imposed it, otherwise it turns to the situation very embarrassing. Continue reading “12 tips for a successful threesome”

How To Manage A Ménage A Trois

The management of a relationship to two is already complex enough: should you add a third person to please your man? This is obviously adding a layer of complexity to an already complex task. The establishment of a household of three is not done on a whim. In addition to the usual difficulties that a person faces as in a traditional relationship, this household to several offers some challenges of its own. To succeed, you will need relational skills, which go hand in hand with a good interpersonal relationship. Continue reading “How To Manage A Ménage A Trois”

Having a threesome with another couple, How to Do It

According to a study conducted by Feeld dating app told us that 43% of men would like to try the adventure, against 40% of women. It is therefore a fantasy that concerns both sexes, that is why we wanted to approach the subject.

The threesome is not common. Couples who take the plunge are at first curious and wish to spice up their sex life. Inviting a third person in his privacy is the guarantee of a sacred adrenaline rush! But it is above all a source of a thousand and one questions: how to do it? Will we feel comfortable? etc.
Initiation Continue reading “Having a threesome with another couple, How to Do It”