Delete your Feeld account

You wish to stop using Feeld app to find threesomes but you want to deactivate your Feeld account and delete your subscription. It’s not enough just to remove the app from your phone, you need to login to your Feeld account and delete your account. Follow These steps to learn how to delete your Feeld profile permanently.

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Feeld : The best app for threesomes

couples meeting singles for threesomes on Feeld

By opting for a diversification strategy, Feeld has aimed just right. Indeed, the site has positioned itself on the dating market by launching Feeld an app for threesomes . The platform has a multitude of strengths as its simplicity, modernity, accessibility and functionality. Let’s find out in detail what this dating portal is worth. Continue reading “Feeld : The best app for threesomes”

Find The Best Threesome Blogs and Posts Tumblr

Couple Looking for threesome ons on Tumblr

Tumblr Threesomes

The Tumblr Threesomes blog has basic functions with a general dating portal like Feeld. Thus, it is complicated to be disoriented on this site. Effective and simple, you can visit this site specializing in Tumblr Threesomes, see the private photos of other users, block the malicious members, chat with them via an instant messenger. In addition, it is possible to go from a three-day period to a reduced rate. Continue reading “Find The Best Threesome Blogs and Posts Tumblr”

Feeld : Threesomes Finder Dating Site


Feeld is the best threesomes finder app and site. This hot dating portal is for those who practice threesomes. Internet users are real even if there are fake profiles like everywhere. As a reminder, the threesomes is a sexual practice involving three individuals. As a general rule, on this kind of sites, it is couples who want to find this kind of practices in order to spice up their antics. This way of making love is intimate and offers the couple the opportunity to rediscover themselves but also to act in a different way to continue their mutual knowledge. Be careful however during this time to be attentive and not to forget that it is a moment of sharing. Finally, it should be known that this practice only lasts the time of the sexual act without involving a life to three. But that can still happen.

Thus, the community is full of French-speaking men, women and couples wishing to find a partner to make love to three. The average age is around thirty, and it’s hard to find twenty-year-olds and people over fifty. The perfect target of the site is the French couple in their thirties eager to spice up their routine life with a third person.

Feeld Threesomes Finder : How It Works

To register on this site, know that there is no need to pay a single penny. A free account exists but with limited functions for these gentlemen. In order to benefit from all the tools, they must put their hands in the wallet. The amount spent varies according to the duration of the commitment. Regarding singles wishing to find couples for threesomes, the registration is free and allows to use almost all features. A great way for Feeld to attract as many women as possible and optimize meetings.

Interface and use of Feeld Threesomes Finder

The handling of this hot site is easy and is done quickly. Regarding the ease of use, know that it is undeniable. As for the menus, they are clear and the look is extremely eye-catching. Regarding the interface, it is classic but ergonomic. The major colors used are white and pink. These last correspond well to the naughty universe. The research tools are relatively simplistic but effective. Thus, one can take advantage of the age range or the desired relationship. Regarding accessibility, you should know that the platform can be used easily via any medium: computers, smartphones and tablets.

How to Find Singles Near Me for Threesomes

Having a Threesome is far from being a perversion. Indeed, such a practice has absolutely nothing to do with porn or sexual orgies. It is a sexual practice, as there are thousands and thousands of couples living in order to maintain the desire. It is a sexual practice taking place between three people. It must be known that the Threesome is one of the major fantasies of men and women. Continue reading “How to Find Singles Near Me for Threesomes”

Feeld : Gay Threesomes App

Two young women lesbian gay girls looking for a threesome

Feeld is not a dating site like the others. Indeed, there are few specialized portals in the meeting between people wishing to do the gay threesomes. On this site, you benefit from qualitative tools such as efficient internal messaging as well as photo galleries. What many members love is the social network aspect of the platform. Regarding the community, it is possible to meet French libertines but also members eager to get out of their routine of couples. In short, it is a perfect site to. satisfy each of your fantasies gay threesomes! Continue reading “Feeld : Gay Threesomes App”

Feeld : Best Free Threesome App

Feeld is also included in this comparison best threesome dating site. Just his name is on-can-no-more explicit, it is to say the motivation of the members who subscribe to it.

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