Delete your Feeld account

You wish to stop using Feeld app to find threesomes but you want to deactivate your Feeld account and delete your subscription. It’s not enough just to remove the app from your phone, you need to login to your Feeld account and delete your account. Follow These steps to learn how to delete your Feeld profile permanently.

Steps to Delete Feeld Profile

  • Once connected to your Feeld account, just click on the “Settings” link in the menu at the top right of your screen, then click on the “delete” button next to the “delete my account” line at the bottom of page.
  • A warning message should appear warning you of the future deletion of your account.
  • To do so, enter your Feeld login credentials (username and password) and click on the “delete my account” button.

Note that deleting your Feeld account automatically terminates your current subscription. It is not necessary, however, to delete your Feeld account if you only want to terminate your subscription.

You can access the management of your subscriptions from your Feeld account in the “Settings” section, then the “Subscription” section.

If necessary, you can contact Feeld customer service.

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